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Whether you are separating from your spouse, defining the terms of your current relationship, or protecting the interests of your children, we will help secure the future for you and your family.

At Mills Family Law our unique approach blends a personalized and compassionate focus on our clients with leading legal knowledge and a smart strategy. We strive to provide each one of our clients with a clear, supportive strategy, delivering intelligent and creative solutions to fit your particular needs.

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Comprehensive Services
At Mills Family Law we offer a comprehensive array of family law services to help you navigate your separation and divorce.

Separation and Divorce

If you are facing the end of a marriage, you likely need support to navigate separation and divorce.

Child Custody and Parenting Arrangements

The end of your spousal relationship does not signify the end of your parenting relationship.


The unfortunate reality of some family law disputes is that one party may experience or be at risk of experiencing family violence.

Child Support

Child support is money paid by one parent to another for the benefit of their child or children and reflects the rights of children rather than parents.

Spousal Support

At the end of your marriage or marriage-like relationship, you may be entitled to spousal support.

Property Division

In Canada, the BC Family Law Act is the legislation that oversees division of family property and debt on the dissolution of a marriage or marriage-like relationship.

Family Law Agreements

Mills Family Law recognizes that drawn-out litigation proceedings can be burdensome from both an emotional and a financial perspective.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The challenges associated with the end of a marriage or marriage-like relationship can be overwhelming without considering the burden of the legal disputes that are sure to arise.

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative family law is an alternative to traditional divorce proceedings in which both parties agree to a collaborative approach that ultimately saves unnecessary conflict and heartache that compounds an already stressful life event.

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Mills Family Law is a dedicated family law and divorce firm that specializes in helping our clients navigate the emotional and legal challenges that arise at the end of a marriage or marriage-like relationship.

Focus on our clients with exceptional legal strategy

Child Support Eligibility in British Columbia (2024)

The duty to pay child support in British Columbia generally continues until children reach the age of 19. But there are exceptions on both sides of the age of majority.


The Role of BC’s Maintenance Enforcement Program in Child Support

Canadian children have a legal right to financial support from both parents and a separation or a divorce does not change that obligation.

Is it time to modify your child support agreements?

One certainty in life is that change is inevitable. We all have certain rights and obligations but they can be suddenly altered due to shifting circumstances.