Family Law Services

In collaborative divorce, separating spouses work collaboratively with their lawyers to settle all the issues that arise when a relationship ends. Other experts, including coaches, child specialists and financial experts also come alongside and work with the spouses to navigate complex and emotionally difficult issues.

With Collaborative Divorce, you and your partner agree from the start that you will:

  • Not go to court, or even threaten to go to court;
  • Communicate with honesty and respect;
  • Make a sincere effort to understand each other's needs and concerns;
  • Promptly disclose all relevant information; and
  • Work together towards an agreement that's in everyone's best interests.

Collaborative family law is driven by the spouses and must therefore be fully consensual by both parties. The spouses decide which issues they will discuss with guidance and support from their collaborative family law team. All decisions are made by the spouses, instead of the decisions being made for them in court. Mills Family Law is a strong advocate for collaborative family law, and we encourage this process whenever appropriate. Schedule your first free consultation to learn more.

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