Compassionate & Professional

Nathan successfully negotiated a substantial child support arrears settlement that I had been struggling to collect on my own over a period of ten years. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a family lawyer.


Nathan successfully achieved the big picture settlement results we were looking for while avoiding long term obligations in my divorce proceedings. He was very savvy at proactively assessing risks and unknowns when dealing with potentially volatile, out of province opposing counsel and quickly navigated towards my desired final resolution. His ability to keep me informed of progress and potential scenarios in a calm, calculated manner projects confidence while making the entire divorce process seem almost stress free. Highly recommended in the handling of any family law dispute or divorce proceeding and the best attorney I’ve ever worked with


The process of separation and divorce is a difficult one with many challenges. The process is not an easy one. I felt that Nathanael was able to help me greatly in two ways. First that he was able to get me to realize that whether I liked the system or not, there were elements that I would have to accept. Secondly, he was able to move the process along and keep moving it along so that it could be finished. There are so many ways that the process can drag out, which is not good for anyone. Nathanael was able to help me understand how to get to the end, how to compromise when necessary and how to prevent confrontation and disagreement. In the end, he was able to get me to understand what was important to me and how to achieve that.


With the guidance from Nathan, I was able to receive a successful outcome despite the significant power differential that characterized my divorce. Nathan’s approach was knowledgeable, calm, and confident. He supported me with understanding the legal system so that I could navigate a very difficult period in my life with less fear and in the best interest of my children. I would highly recommend Nathan to anyone in need of expertise and integrity in Family Law.


Nathan helped me through a difficult breakup. He fought hard to protect my savings from my ex. I would highly recommend Nathan’s services.


I would highly recommend Mr. Mills to anyone seeking legal counsel on marital/family matters. Mr. Mills helped me understand and navigate the legal procedures pertaining to my file in a way that made me feel comfortable and confident that my best interests were being considered throughout. I very much appreciated Mr. Mills’ insight and advice, and with that am satisfied with the outcome of my file.


I was separated from my marriage of 25 years in 2015 and went through years of back-and-forth negotiations with what I felt was little progress. Then Nathanael Mills entered the picture. I felt that once Nathanael was my council, he immersed himself in my file. Suddenly things started to happen; negotiations were unfolding, and disagreements never escalating into arguments. I feel Nathanael lead his discussions and correspondence with opposing counsel and myself with kindness, respect and truth. In the end, we together, negotiated a fair divorce and family settlement. Divorce is a terrible, heart wrenching affair. Somehow, Nathanael gave me peace. Through Nathanael’s ability to lead negotiations with kindness and respect, I am in a better life space… currently enjoying love, having good family time with my 4 girls and preparing for retirement.


Nathan represented me at trial and I would definitely recommend him. I was involved in a high conflict separation and divorce.  I was looking for a lawyer who would listen and understand our unique family dynamic.  Nathan represented me in a way that felt true to my values. Prior to our trial, he responded to my countless e-mails, provided me with reassuring advice and kept me on track to stay respectful in all my correspondences with my ex. When our opinions differed on how to move forward, Nathan and I would discuss and work through the different outcomes. During three weeks of trial, he was respectful, fair and calm even with the other counsel consistently trying to throw him off.  Even though I wasn’t focused on the financial/ support side of things as I was so focused on protecting my child, Nathan made sure to cover everything necessary.  I felt like I had a "family person" as a lawyer representing me and not just a lawyer.


Nathanael was my lawyer in 2019 and he got me through a rough divorce for which I will forever be thankful for having him on my side! He also helped me when my ex decided not to tell me that our daughter was working full time while I was still sending him child support! I can't thank Nathanael enough for the support he's given me!


I am beyond grateful that, I believe, it was providential that I was given the name of Nathanael Mills.  With the prospect of the dissolution of our marriage, this was the most sad and challenging time of my life. At the point that I attended for my first consultation with Nathanael, I had already consulted with two other family lawyers, invested hundreds of dollars, provided documentation as requested, and after each visit, left feeling hopeless and discouraged.  My initial consultation with Mr. Mills provided the first ray of hope for a more positive outcome.  It was reassuring that after a brief description of the specifics, I was impressed that there was a quick grasp of the issues and what first steps should be taken that could bring about a fair, and timely resolution.  The legal counsel, provided in a caring, balanced, concise, and professional manner, and the resultant actions taken, did in fact, provide the best possible outcome. Forever grateful.


I've been supported by Nathan for a couple years now and I've been so happy with my choice in representation.  Nathan's firm has worked hard for me and my family, has been a strong guide through a very emotional time, and has always made himself available for even the littlest questions.  I would recommend him to anyone who asked me about legal support.


I was very happy to be represented by Nathanael Mills. I live far away and he was able to help me with my legal stuff remotely in a timely matter. Nathanael is efficient and professional. I would highly recommend him.


Nathan provided helpful advice.  He was personable, I liked his approach and he always made me feel understood.


I had Nathanael Mills represent me in my family matter 2-3 years ago and I can't thank Nathan enough for everything that he helped me during a very difficult process. I put my trust into him to advise me on what was best for me. Him and his team explained all the aspects of the separation and divorce process to me in every detail. During the difficult time of the separation there was never a moment that I did not feel listened to.  I highly recommend him if you want a professional lawyer who really cares not only for your case but also for you as a person.

K. M.