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Protection Orders

At Mills Family Law, our experienced Vancouver family lawyers guide you through the intricate process of obtaining a protection order in BC. We work tirelessly to ensure your safety and peace, leveraging our experience in the various facets of family law.

Family Violence Protection: Legal Assistance

The sad reality of some family law disputes is that one party may experience or be at risk of experiencing family violence. It is imperative that the party at risk take every measure to protect themselves and other vulnerable family members. Mills Family Law is experienced in obtaining protection orders designed to protect our clients and their family.

Types and Impact of Family Violence

Family violence comes in many forms. It includes physical, sexual, emotional, financial, or psychological abuse as well as stalking, harassment, property damage, and exposure of children to violence. Family violence can be inflicted by any family member, including an ex-partner or spouse, the parent or legal guardian of your children, a relative of your spouse or child who lives with them, your own relative living with you, and even your children.

Protection Orders: Safeguarding You and Your Family

A protection order is designed to limit the person named in the order from certain behaviour. A protection order may require that this person cannot visit your home, workplace, school, or other places you frequent. Additionally, protection orders may prevent this person from contacting you by phone or electronic means and may restrict the person from having a weapon. When a protection order is granted, a sheriff will serve the order to the other party. The applicant will also receive an Affidavit of Service that proves the protection order was effectively served to the other party. If you are the applicant, you should keep a copy of the protection order and a certified copy of the Affidavit of Service with you at all times to present to the police if the conditions of the order are broken.

Duration of Protection Orders and Enforcement

Protection orders typically last for one year. If a party does not obey the conditions of the protection order they can be arrested and charged with a criminal offence. Contact the police if you fear your safety is in danger. It is important to understand that even if you want to see the person for which a protection order has been placed, they will still be in breach of the order.

When you need to apply for a family law protection order, Mills Family Law can walk you through the process and support you in court so that you understand the protection options available.